febrero 21, 2020

Prof. Dr. Luis E. F. Foà Torres (English version)

(Departamento de Física, FCFM, Universidad de Chile) http://www.foatorres.com/

Tutorial: From graphene to 2D materials

During the last decade some unique discoveries have fueled the imagination of numerous physicists, materials scholars, and engineers. One of them was the discovery of graphene [1], the first two-dimensional material. This carbon allotrope of only one atom thick but 200 times stronger than steel has record properties [2]. In this talk I will give an overview of graphene and the new family of two-dimensional materials [3], what they are and why they are interesting. Finally, I will mention our lines of work including the topic of topological states beyond equilibrium [4].

[1] K. Novoselov et al., Nature 438, 197 (2005); Zhang et al., Nature 438, 201 (2005).
[2] A. Castro Neto et al., Rev. Mod. Phys. 81, 109 (2009).
[3] L. E. F. Foa Torres, S. Roche and J.-C. Charlier, “Introduction to Graphene-Based Nanomaterials: From Electronic Structure to Quantum Transport”, 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press (2020) ISBN: 9781108476997.
[4] Más información y publicaciones relacionadas en http://www.foatorres.com/

Summary Background

Luis E. F. Foa Torres (b. 1978) is a condensed matter physicist. Since May 2016 he is an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Chile (FCFM). Before he worked in Argentina as a Professor and CONICET Independent Research Scientist; in Germany as a fellow of the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (TU Dresden); in France, at CEA-Grenoble; and in Italy, at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, first as a postdoctoral fellow and then as Associate of the Condensed Matter Section (2011-2016).

His research is focused on quantum transport, two-dimensional materials (e.g. graphene), topological insulators and the physics of driven systems. Inelastic effects deriving from electron-phonon and electron-photon interactions (e. g. quantum pumping, Floquet topological states) occupy a central stage in his contributions. 

He has delivered more than 40 invited/plenary talks at international conferences/workshops and meetings and serves as referee for numerous journals and funding institutions including the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France) and the National Science Foundation (US). He has been listed as outstanding referee of the American Physical Society. He was awarded the ICTP Prize in 2018.